About webpak.net

Webpak.net actually is the product of the frustrations of the founder of this website. Just like with any other would-be online entrepreneurs, this person found out that there is a tremendous amount of ways to make money online. He got clued in early on that online publishing is completely different from traditional offline publishing. In fact, it’s black and white.

Online Publishing

Unlike offline publishing, where you have to basically recall all the things that you’ve printed if you made some sort of mistake,

with online publishing, you just need to log on to a piece of software, make a few changes, and you’re good to go. In other words, with a few clicks of the mouse and a few keystrokes, you can unwind what would have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix in the real world.

Sharing the planet

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, that’s the brave new world that online publishing has completely opened and made available to get this to everybody on the planet. That’s how open, accessible and powerful online publishing is.

More Detours

With that said, however, getting to that point took a lot more detours than the founder of this website expected.

While he expected that there will be a few hiccups down the road, he did not brace himself for the hellscape that he had to go through just to get to the right web hosting service.

Second on a reseller

His next experience with another web host was not any better. This company was obviously a reseller because they would give him all sorts of different names and log in information. It seems like when he needed something done, he was dealing with a completely different organization. It’s as if his case was some sort of football everybody was kicking around and nobody wanted to touch.

A nasty dispute

The third web hosting company that he dealt with involved a nasty business dispute between partners who hated each other. It seems that when it comes to getting money out of him, he would talk to the sweet talking partner.

Promising the world

This partner would promise the world, this partner would make everything look quick, smooth and easy. But when it comes time to getting stuff done like getting a database backed or opening some sort of account, he had to deal with the other partner who would basically just put him on a service ticket and refuse to look at that service ticket again.

How We Started

The first hosting company he signed up with ended up losing the backup of his website. Not only was he inconvenienced for several weeks, but the thousands of other clients of the service he was with suffered that tremendous discomfort as well.

Went through HELL

As you can well imagine, the founder of this website went through hell and back just to get the inside scoop on what constitutes great web hosting service. Due to his journey through his personal hell, he has compiled all sorts of resources so you don’t have to make that same trip.

Business decisions

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to any kind of business decisions, you can come up with the experiences on a first hand basis, or you can trust somebody else’s experience. Let me tell you, if you have to go through everything on a first hand basis, be prepared to spend a tremendous amount of time, effort and a ridiculous amount of resources.

Do yourself a big favor and just learn from everybody else’s mistakes and make it easier for everybody involved.