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Work in progress

You have to understand that this website is a work in progress. As compelling as a lot of the materials here are, they are produced by people who really don’t have the time because we all have day jobs and we all have other bigger projects in front of us. Whatever you’re seeing on this website really is the product of people taking time off from their busy schedules to put together a global online resource.

While you can rest assured that the materials here are top notch and provide the very best quality, as far as your decision making and idea of the available options are concerned, do keep in mind that these materials are often ported on a staggered basis. In other words, they’re not added to this website in real time.

Lag time

Accordingly, if you have certain content-based or technical issues with these materials, there might be some lag time. Don’t be surprised when this happens. This doesn’t mean that we are blowing you off. This doesn’t mean that your concerns are not important to us, they are.


Instead, everything is put into a queue, and we will take care of issues as we get to them. Everything is pretty much handled on a first in, first out basis as far as suggestions, comments and resource requests are concerned.

Quality Issues

However, we do give highest priority to reports of quality issues. If you have any sort of quality control issue, ranging from anywhere like a page not showing up or coding errors, do let us know. These are our highest priorities, and these are taken care of sooner rather than later.

Other Issues

This may mean that you may have to wait a couple of days, but rest assured, your inquiry will be properly addressed and we will take care of the underlying issue. There are many reasons for this.

Let us know

Also, the errors on this website may take many different forms. Still, when all our community members from all over the world speak up and let us know whether there are areas for improvement or whether there are actual errors, we take leaps and bounds in improving the overall quality of this website.

Bear with us

Eventually, we will get to a flawless website, but until that happens, bear with us and do your part in letting us know if there are any sorts of technical issues we need to attend to.

Join Us

Additionally, please feel free to join in on our community discussions. A lot of people post questions and answers about certain hosting companies. Share your knowledge and concerns. Also, if you know a lot of technical details regarding certain hosting packages, do let us know and share your insights.