I really can’t blame manufacturers of e-juice packages for fooling people. Seriously. I know that sounds harsh, I know it sounds judgmental, but it’s the absolute truth. I can fully understand where they are coming from. There are some key business realities behind their decision to be less than upfront with their customers. It really all boils down to the practicalities of marketing and how the human mind works and makes decisions.

They’re really working hard to fool people into believing that there is some sort of one-size-fits-all, almost magical formula for e-juice like¬†Eliquid Depot. They spend a lot of money broadcasting this message and, by and large, it’s successful. The one reason why people hop, skip and jump from one e-juice product to another is the fact that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all magic solution. It’s just not going to happen. Why? People are different.

We all have different experiences, we all have different preferences, and we all have different tastes. All these differences add up to quite a bit as far as product preferences are concerned. And the more manufacturers try to get people to believe that their tastes can be reduced to some sort of simple formula, the more they win.

Why? You end up like a rat on a treadmill. You’re just basically spinning the treadmill trying to get the taste or the product mix that you want. Eventually, you become dissatisfied so you jump from product to product. And the more you do this, the more manufacturers make money off your frustration. I know that sounds crazy, I know it sounds quite bleak, but it’s the absolute truth. This is why many e-juice makers often overlook the power of personalization. The reason why they do this is not that they’re clueless. It’s not because they have low IQs. Instead, they do this purposefully.

Because if they were to give people the tools to craft together their own distinct e-juice product that they can be happy with for life, all these millions of people would jump off the treadmill and leave the e-juice rat race permanently. In fact, a large chunk of them might even formulate their own stuff on their own. This runs contrary to the business practices that have made the global e-juice industry a fast-growing one. I don’t want this to be a bleak report, I don’t want this to be discouraging, but this is the absolute truth. The reason why e-juice makers seem to overlook personal e-juice formulations is that they have to. That’s the nature of the beast.

If they were to come up with something that is easy to customize and easy to mix and match like your own e-juice version of Legos, then who knows what will happen to the industry. It might very well implode overnight.

Do yourself a big favor and focus on this central fact. So if you are in any way, shape or form dissatisfied with your e-juice experiences, this might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Interestingly enough, the answer has always been under your nose.