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Two sticks and a string. When you get right down to the basics, that's what Traditional Archery is about. Designs may have changed, new things come and go, but the basics are still the same. No matter what equipment you choose, you want it to be of good quality, and fairly priced.

Idaho Bow Works takes pride in the craftsmanship of every bow and arrow that we make. Every bow is hand crafted to the exact specifications of the archer, with the individual in mind. Shooting style, draw length, intended use, and stature of the archer are all used to design a bow that is as unique as the person shooting it. The only limit to our bows is the safety of the wood selection, and the imagination.

Kevin Martin, the owner, operator, and professional bowyer, is one of the few full time custom bowyers in the nation. That means that when you order a custom bow from Idaho Bow Works, Kevin is able to give his full attention to making a bow of unsurpassed quality and beauty.

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