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One piece Recurve


This bow is a 40-year-old design that has proven itself on many hunting trips. Cronographed at over 200 fps, this bow really puts the arrows where they need to be. Complete custom crafting goes into each bow.

The limb design is straight and stable. The perfect bow for either still or stand use.

Price: $500.00 $1800.00

3-Piece Take Down Recurve


This bow is available in 2-inch increments from 54" to 66" in any draw weight. Design is up to the archer for the handle and limb wood types and combinations. Since each bow is a custom design, bushings for quivers can be added if desired. Limb sets or different handles can be crafted at later dates if weights or combinations are changed. Any handle will fit any limb set.

This bow can be shot with a fast flight string if desired.

For smoothness and limb straightness, you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful or functional take down anywhere.

Price: $500.00 $2000.00

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